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Welcome to Wild Warriors Pt 2

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Hello Wild Warriors! I'm Saffron, but people call me Saff. Im 23 years old and a bit of a free spirit. I love to travel and have a list longer than my arm of places I want to go. I am lucky to have been to lots of amazing places including Nepal, where I was first introduced to Buddhism and meditation – something I try to practice as much as I can. Meditation has helped me through so many difficult times over the past few years and I truly believe it is one of the most powerful and important things a person can learn to do.
My love for travel goes alongside my love for cars, and it is through cars that I met EmJay, the owner of Car Chicks Society. I went to a modified car show with the club in 2016 after being made an admin, and connected with Emma on so many levels. We spent hours talking about chakras, crystals and our spirtualist beliefs and haven't lost touch since. I have also set up an online magazine, revvbomb, for female car enthusiasts, inspired by Car Chicks Society and the girls I met through the club. The magazine gave me an opportunity to write about something I enjoy - which as a journalist, is really important to me - so I was so excited when Emma offered me the chance to be involved in Wild Warriors and embrace my spirtual side even more. I am currently a freelance journalist but pursuing a career in marketing with a performance car company, which I love as I'm around my hobby every single day and have the chance to be creative promoting the brand and organising events for our customers.
Over the next year I plan to go on more road trips, see more of the world, make meditation part of my daily routine and learn more about spirituality including oracle cards and chakras. I want to make a difference to the earth by using more natural products and creating less waste and can't wait to start that journey with Wild Warriors.
I can't wait to welcome a tribe of people across the world who believe in anything and everything spiritual and being kind to the environment. The world we live in is so beautiful and anything we can do to keep it that way whilst becoming better, more mindful people, is an amazing thing in my book.
Lots of Love
Saff x

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