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Crystals are very beneficial for the mind, body & spirit. Every crystal has its own meaning and uses. Here you can find a brief description of what each of the crystals we stock are good for.

Amethyst - Meditative & calming stone. Works in the emotional, spiritual & physical planes to promote calm, balance & peace. Eliminates impatience.

Aquamarine - Heightens courage & aids clear communication with the divine source. Helps you let go of old emotional issues. Releases anger & reduces stress.

Aventurine - Beneficial in all areas of creativity & imagination as well as intellect & mental clarity. Enhances prosperity & brings career success.

Citrine - Success stone. Bright energy that brings good luck & good fortune. Promotes & manifests success & abundance. Used to combat negative energy. Good for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Clear Quartz - Power stone. The universal crystal. Directs & amplifies energy. Extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection & channelling.

Fluorite - Enhances strength of other stones. Promotes spiritual & psychic wholeness & development, protection & brings peace. Helps to meditate & get past the 'chatter'.

Gold Tiger Eye - Stone for protection. Good for stabilizing & grounding. Enhances integrity, will power, self confidence, practicality & correct use of power. Enhances good luck & brings prosperity. Good for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Hematite - Stone for the mind. Used to bring mental organization. Is very grounding & calming. Decreases negativity.

Rose Quartz - Love Stone. Good for every kind of love. Helps open the Heart Chakra. Helps raise self worth & self esteem.

Snowflake Obsidian - Stone of serenity & purity. Has the property to bring things to the surface, both good & bad. Provides balance during change & can shield against negativity. Helps open the Root Chakra. Beneficial for the veins, skeleton & smooth skin. Protection from emotional & physical harm.




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